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Money · Makes · the · World · Go · Round...

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I have been here for a week, and it seems that there is quite a lot to learn. I've always been good with studying though. A number of books have passed through my hands, and I am content with the knowledge so far, although it has been rather...unusual reading material for me. Nonetheless, I suppose I shall have to read quite a bit more if I want to start working in 2 months and 3 weeks.

On a lighter note, I find that my lodging arrangements are quite pleasant and suited to me. The rest of the Pavilion is just as pleasant. Rather shocking to find considering the sort of establishment it is...The food is bearable, my housemates non-intrusive..All in all, a rather good week. I've done little more than contemplate my situation and read, but Axel-san has said that I will have to take lessons soon...I am not sure exactly what 'lessons' entails, but I think I am much more comfortable with reading.

* * *
I decided to explore the Pavilion upon my awakening...

I am...well, I can't say I'm interested in all the...intriguing personalities that occupy the rooms here in the Pavilion, but I hope that I will be able to get along with everyone. At the very least, I expect to not be disturbed.

Axel-san has said that I should begin training in two days, but as the initial tour of the entire Pavilion only occupied half the day, I can utilize my time best by beginning my studies now. I have been informed that I can borrow books that should help with my training...and that a person by the name of Zexion has a hold of a lot of them. I hope that he will kindly return them so that I may borrow them.

* * *
* * *

Father always mentioned Amsterdam. I never wondered about what he did there, but I suppose due to recent circumstances I can guess that he spent much of our fortune there with the slums of society. Ironic how he’s supposed to represent the cream of high society and yet he dirtied himself with such useless and disgusting people.


But Amsterdam seems to be the only place I can go right now. I know too many people here and the Midnight Silk Pavilion seems like a place they wouldn’t go. I can pay off my debt too, one day, and I’ll regain our fortunes and honor. Our…Well, it would be mine, wouldn’t it? Now that you’re gone, father.


Current Debt:                                                                  5,000,000 gil


Hustler makes :                                                            1500 gil/hr + 1000 gil

M.S.P. takes 70% :                                                    1050 gil/hr + 700


Wages:                                                                           350 gil/hr + 300


The average customer takes 1 hour.

                                                                                   650 gil/customer.

                                                                                    5,000,000 gil

                                                                              ÷    650


                                                                            7692 customers.

* * *