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Player's Name: Sparrow

Age: 17

AIM/MSN/email: Haruka Tenou35/wingless_broken_sparrow@hotmail.com/broken_bird@sbcglobal.net




How long have you been RPing on LiveJournal?: I’ve never RPed on LJ, but I have…4-5 years experience of yaoi RP, and 1-2 years of experience RPing hetero as well.

How long have you been interested in the fandom of your character?: This past year.

Top 5 Favorite Pairings?:

1. Kyouya/anyone aggressive

2. Kyouya/Ouran twins

3. Kyouya/Tamaki

Top 3 Squick Pairings?

Umm…I don’t really have any :\ So long as they’re hot…and guys…and it could somehow work..



Series: Ouran High School Host Club

Character: Kyouya Ootori

Stage Name: none yet

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual, in that no one interests him. Kyouya feels that the usual basely human desires are below him, and so has so far not been interested in people in such a way.

Seme/Uke/Both?: See above…However, Kyouya is accommodating; if it means he’s going to make more money, then he would play both.

Type of Whore/Experience: Trainee/none

Price: --

Themes and Settings:

Parlor Room

Vampire Lair

Casual Leather: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/Broken_Sparrow/blackandblue.jpg

Robe: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y234/Broken_Sparrow/ec1.jpg

Specialties: Hasn’t started training yet so doesn’t have any “specialties”

Preferred Assistant: None yet




Dark, midnight-black hair cut stylishly short sweeps over his right eye, ebony upon onyx. He has an angular face, smooth and of delicate bone structure. Kyouya transforms his childishly naïve appearance with a pair of glasses into that of calm and untouchable elegance. His thin frame is more suited towards entertaining and this is what Kyouya aims to do. At 5’10” Kyouya is anything but small and delicate, and the curves of hidden muscles just under the skin attest to that. With his tall and thin body structure, Kyouya could  be a model. He dresses like it, with the low cut jeans, skin-hugging sweaters and tops. His style is cool when he is outside of work, and it is no different when he is with a customer.


Like his appearance, Kyouya’s outside personality is immaculate. Coming from a once-prestigious family, he is able to make conversation easily if needed. However, along with that station he has acquired an aloofness that is classic to his high birth, and tends to be the more quiet brooding type. Perhaps that is what appeals the most to his customers. Like a tightly furled flower, he incites feelings of extreme passion, the want—even, the need—to break his cool composure and rip him open until he is exposed, and completely at the mercy of whomever it pleases…


Up until very recently, Kyouya lived a life of luxury, enjoying simple days where he would read, spend quiet evenings contemplating life by the mansion’s fountains, and doing whatever he wanted. He was going to finish high school, he was going to go to college and become a doctor, then be established at one of his father’s hospitals, eventually become the head doctor… He was going to inherit it all one day… But that day would never come. His serene life was rudely awakened when his life literally went up in flames around him. As the only survivor, and having no relatives that he knew of to rely on, as well as a huge debt to the yakuza that had never been revealed to him, Kyouya felt cornered with no way out…No way out until he heard about the Midnight Silk Pavilion. It was either that or “pay back” the yakuza their way and there was no guarantee just what that entailed.

Sample LJ post: [[posted]]

Sample RP post: [[will post]]

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