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I have been here for a week, and it seems that there is quite a lot…

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I have been here for a week, and it seems that there is quite a lot to learn. I've always been good with studying though. A number of books have passed through my hands, and I am content with the knowledge so far, although it has been rather...unusual reading material for me. Nonetheless, I suppose I shall have to read quite a bit more if I want to start working in 2 months and 3 weeks.

On a lighter note, I find that my lodging arrangements are quite pleasant and suited to me. The rest of the Pavilion is just as pleasant. Rather shocking to find considering the sort of establishment it is...The food is bearable, my housemates non-intrusive..All in all, a rather good week. I've done little more than contemplate my situation and read, but Axel-san has said that I will have to take lessons soon...I am not sure exactly what 'lessons' entails, but I think I am much more comfortable with reading.

//Private, Unhackable//

Reading those horrid books has been quite a revelation to me. Why would anyone want to do <i>anything</i> in those books? It all seems quite disgusting, not to mention unsanitary and...and dangerous! I wonder if those things that they do in the books are normal? I hope not...I don't want to do this at all, but what choice do I have? The first few books were on manners and conversational skills--that is rather simple. Very easy in fact, for one such as I who is accustomed to lying without seeming like it. But having to...to...to put my <i>mouth</i> on another man's cock....I don't even want to write it out because it's so disgusting! And the side note that says that it could be pleasant...How in the world would it be pleasant for the person doing it?

It seems that penetration is the most pleasant thing I could be asked to do. How amusing.
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